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What does FabX do?

FabX is eCommerce platform selling buying refurbished furniture. We take the pain of verifying and inspecting every piece of furniture sold, ensuring a minimum quality standard, as well as managing all logistical headaches that would come your way.

Presently, we only cater to refurbished furniture and related products. Buyers can browse our extensive selection of quality products and buy with a single click.

What does FabX stand for?

FabX is derived from fabulous experience and that is our promise to all buyers of refurbished furniture. No more haggling the price, verifying quality, handling delivery, etc. We make everything an effortless experience.

Where is the FabX service available?

We currently serve only in Mumbai. We will be coming to other cities soon.

Why use from FabX?

FabX makes the buying process for refurbished furniture a fabulous experience. The alternative channels require a lot of physical exertion, quality verification, price haggling and in-person interactions with strangers to actually make a transaction. And you face the exact same problems when reselling it. FabX eliminates all these hassles for you while still giving you an awesome deal.

What is the FabX Philosophy?

We believe that furnishing your home is possible within any budget and aspire to make it an effortless experience.

What are the discounts being offered against?

All our refurbished furniture is typically priced anywhere from 30-80% off from their Estimated Original Price currently. The Estimated Original Price is derived by comparing the product with the FULLY DISCOUNTED prices of other similar furniture being sold online across various retailers. Furniture on FabX is at significant discount to other online portals by virtue of being pre-owned and you can expect to save 50% of the money you would have otherwise spent across furniture.



How do I buy a piece of second-hand furniture on FabX?

Simply visit through the web or on your mobile phone to browse our selection of great furniture for sale. Our furniture is thoroughly inspected and listed by our own in-house team, and we provide all the information you will need to make your purchase decision.

As soon as you like a piece of furniture, you can purchase it with the click of a button. We will then schedule a delivery as well as install the chosen furniture at a time of your choosing.

What does 100% inspected and verified mean?

One of the biggest unknowns while buying second hand furniture is the credibility of the seller. To solve this problem, FabX verifies each product either second hand/excess stock, refurbishes them in line with aesthetic benchmarks and lists it on the portal. Details of refurbishing done are mentioned on each product.

We strive to make purchasing of refurbished goods as transparent and painless as possible. Our promise to you is that what you see on our platform is what you get at home.

Do you clean the furniture prior to selling?

Our carpenters verify and inspect all our products before delivery. Each piece of furniture is dusted, cleaned (with organic disinfectants in case of fabric and cloth products like sofas) and made to look and feel as new as possible to give you the best buying experience possible.

What forms of payment does FabX accept?

Currently we accept both online payments & Cash on Delivery. We also have EMI options available.

What are FabX’s quality standards for refurbished furniture sold on the platform?

We only list furniture that meet a certain minimum quality standard. Second-hand furniture comes in a variety of conditions and we refurbish to meet a minimum aesthetic bar and become fully functional. We curate high quality furniture from the market, refurbish it to mint condition & ensure you have an equally high quality shopping experience.

How do I know the condition of the item?

Currently all items listed on the platform are refurbished. The details of the refurbishment are mentioned on the product page.



How soon will FabX deliver the furniture?

We typically deliver the furniture within 7 days. In the event of any exigencies, we will proactively communicate with you on the delay and reasons for delay.

Once you place an order, FabX will contact you on the same day to confirm the order and setup a convenient delivery time. We will contact you 2 days prior to dispatching your furniture to ensure your ability to receive the product. In the case you require a delayed delivery beyond 7 days, please contact the team directly to schedule the same.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery and setup is free with us. In case your premises is over the third floor and there is no service lift, we charge 700 INR to get the product to your doorstep.

What if I don’t like the furniture I purchase?

You have the right to refuse delivery of any furniture that does not meet your expectations when they arrive to your home. We offer ‘on the spot’ returns for all items.

Can I cancel my order after confirmation?

We allow product cancellations until the time of delivery (after which time it gets counted as a Return). Simply contact us on +91 7506 958 384, or email us on and inform us of the product you wish to cancel, and we will do the needful. Your fully paid amount will be refunded to you. FabX does not charge any cancellation fee.


Returns are absolutely free with us. We have a ‘no questions asked’ on the spot return policy.