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FabX buyback guarantee is a re-sale promise provided by us wherein FabX will assure a re-sale of your furniture at a pre-defined price. This is an optional policy and is valid for 1 year. Please choose ‘Yes’ in the buyback option to avail this on any product. Buyback is not compulsory and you may keep using the furniture for >1 year.



Selling off your old furniture can be quite the nightmare. Listing on classified portals, opening your home to strangers, haggling the price, etc. is a lot of hassle and waste of time.

To circumvent all this nuisance for our buyers, we offer upto 50% buyback guarantee on all products. This is an optional service which can be availed on each of our products. So when you sell back the furniture, we assure you a fair resale price. And a fabulous experience.



Call/Whatsapp us at +91 7506 958 384 and send us a snap of your furniture with the order details.


Pick a convenient time for pickup and relax. We take care of all the logistics.


We collect the furniture & buyback amount is given to you within 3 working days.



Maximum buyback guarantee is applicable only in cases where the furniture is without defects & in the same condition as when bought. The following cases will classify as defects:

  1. Accidental damage/breakage by impact
  2. Broken glass items in tables, cabinets, mirrors, etc.
  3. If parts of furniture are broken or falling apart like sofa/table/chair
  4. Sofas with damaged spring cushions
  5. Damaged mechanisms of beds/wardrobes/chairs and mattresses purchased with beds
  6. Missing parts e.g. handles/keys/locks missing in wardrobes, chair missing in sofa set
  7. Furniture infested with bedbugs, termites, etc.
  8. Items having incomplete hardware which prevents reassembly
  9. Tears/non-removable stains on upholstery
  10. Modified furniture, e.g. repainted, changed cushions
  11. Structural damages which renders the furniture unusable in current condition

In such cases the cost of repairing the defect will be subtracted from the buyback price. This will be at the sole discretion of FabX. But we will surely help you sell it off.

What happens after 12 months?

Buyback guarantee is applicable only for 1 year. After that, FabX will still help you resell your furniture. However, we cannot provide a price guarantee for that furniture as of now. You can call us at '+91 7506 958 384' for more details.